Glaskogen cottages

In Lenungshammar there are an information centre with a camping ground, a mini store, a cafeteria, canoes and bikes for hire, showers and laundry facilities, and a playground for the children. There are also cottages to rent in Lenungshammar, camping cabins and cabins for self-maintenance.

Glaskogen camping cabin

1 room and pentry, 4 beds, 10 square metre
Kitchen utensils, Hotplate, Small oven, Refrigerator
Drinking water outside, 400 m to showers
Bring bed linen
15 m to nearest lake (Övre Gla)

Glaskogen selfcatering houses

2 rooms and kitchen, 6 beds, 43 square metre
Kitchenutensils, Stove, Micro, Refrigerator, Freezer
Warm and cold water, Shower and WC
Dusch och WC
Bring bed linen
50 m to nearest lake (Övre Gla

Glaskogen cottage in Laskerud

3 rooms and kitchen, 6 beds, 60 square metre
Kitchen utensils, Hotplate, Refrigerator, Micro, Wood stove
Drinking water outside
Dry closet
Bring bed linens
1 km to nearest lake (Stora Gla)
3 km to Lenungshammar

Glaskogen cottage in Greåna

33 room and kitchen, 6 beds, 71 square metre
Kitchen utensils, Stove, Refrigerator, Micro, 2 times wood stove
Cold and warm water inside
Dry closet, Shower outside
Bring bed linens
100 m to nearest lake (Övre Gla)
9 km to Lenungshammar

Price high season / peak season*

Camping cabin 550 SEK / 575 SEK*3 850 SEK / 4 025 SEK*
Selfcatering cottage*850 SEK / 900 SEK*5 950 SEK / 6 300 SEK*
Laskerud600 SEK / 650 SEK*4 200 SEK / 4 550 SEK*
Greåna700 SEK / 750 SEK*4 900 SEK / 5 250 SEK*

High season: 18/6 – 22/8, peak season: week 28-32 + 13-16/5, 21-24/5, 4-6/6, 25-27/6
Check in 15.00 och check out 12.00

Price off season

Camping cabin 400 SEK2 400 SEK
Selfcatering cottage*650 SEK3 900 SEK
Laskerud500 SEK3 000 SEK
Greåna550 SEK3 300 SEK

Off season: 1/5 – 17/6, 23/8 – 30/9
Check in 15.00 and check out 12.00

*SHS 1 and SHS 2 = for bringing a dog 150 SEK/cottage extra fee (the self catering houses is possible to book all year)

Private cottages

There are also privately owned cabins and cottages in the reserve which we convey. The houses are situated on different places in the area, some of them outside the reseve. Please contact us if you need more information or if you like to book one.


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