The history of Glaskogen

Glaskogen has an age-old history. Several ancient remains such as Stone Age dwellings and hunting pits can be seen in the area. Many Finns immigrated and settled here in the 17th century. They cleared the ground by means of burn-beating. In fact, part of Glaskogen is known as Finnskogen (Finn Forest). Glaskogen also has rich industrial traditions with several ironworks, copper works and sawmills. A glassworks was built beside Lake Stora Gla in 1857. Hand-blown window panes from Glava glassworks became a famous product, which can be seen today in its own museum.

Hut at Gällared
“Bråte-Per” at his cottage in Frillesås 1925.

Founding of the nature reserve

The Glaskogen Foundation was founded in 1972 by the municipalities of Arvika, Eda, Säffle and Årjäng, in which the reserve is located. The Foundation’s goal is to promote the development of outdoor recreation. Since 1986, the Foundation has been responsible for the running and maintenance of all the reserve’s facilities.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors collaborates with an advisory committee comprising representatives from Stora Enso Skog AB, the reserve’s administrator, independent landowners, the local nature conservation association and hunting and fishery conservation organizations.